Can you rectify the equation 9+3=71 by relocating one part?

This enigma presents a challenge where you must alter a single matchstick to resolve an equation. You must complete the task within 20 seconds. This type of brainteaser is a great way to practice your problem-solving skills and hone your mental sharpness. Additionally, it encourages creativity as it requires you to think of different solutions. To crack this puzzle, you should employ your logical reasoning and observational skills to determine the best way to move the matchstick and arrive at the correct answer. With the proper approach, you can solve this puzzle within the given time frame. Good luck!

Can you rectify the equation 9+3=71 by relocating one part?

How to Solve this Puzzles?

Matchstick puzzles can be used to train and sharpen your logical reasoning and problem-solving capabilities. To solve them, you just have to observe the question and deduce its meaning.

When you become familiar with the quandary, you will recognize what alterations should be done to answer this quandary. If you are aware of what should be done then you can effortlessly solve the matchstick game if you persistently strive you will get the hang of solving such enigmas.

Answer : 8+3=11
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