Could you amend the equation 2+8=16 by moving one part?

This puzzle presents an obstacle where you must adjust a single matchstick to solve an equation. You will have 20 seconds to accomplish it. This type of mental exercise is an excellent way to train your problem-solving skills and enhance your mental acuity. Moreover, it promotes creativity since it requires you to come up with different solutions. To solve this puzzle, you should rely on your logical thinking and observation skills to identify the best way to move the matchstick and arrive at the correct answer. With the proper approach, you can solve this puzzle within the given time frame. Good luck!

Could you amend the equation 2+8=16 by moving one part?

How to Solve this Puzzles?

Matchstick puzzles are a great way to exercise your mental skills and logical problem-solving abilities. All you must do to complete them is to carefully consider the question and determine its meaning.

When you become aware of the issue, you will recognize what modifications should be done to address this matter. If you are aware of what should be done then you can easily solve the matchstick problem if you keep putting effort you will get used to resolving such puzzles.

Answer : 2+8=10
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